Why I Make Stock Photos

by - Sunday, September 09, 2018

In the past few months, I've stockpiled a nice number of stock photos for my own use, and there are some reasons as to why I compile stock photos instead of making new photos for each post

Photos are time-consuming
As I am a student, I want everything to be done smarter, not harder. Taking stock photos instead of photos for new posts is easier because you can reuse the photos without thinking.

It's free
Making your own stock photos is completely free, and you can use a variety of objects to create them, such as makeup items, skincare, or clothing. Some sites charge you to use their stock photos, which is unfortunate, and although sites like Unsplash are free, I personally find they don't offer much in terms of versatile stock photos.

You can use your own stock photos for whatever you want
Whether it's for commercial work, another person's blog, or if you want to sell your stock photos, you can use your own stock photos for whatever you want. Most stock photo sites allow you to use their photos for personal use but not for commercial use.

It's a creative challenge
I find that creating my own stock photos challenges me creatively and gives me ideas for new photos. Being creatively challenged is good for me because then it forces me to think rather than have a repetitive set of photos. Repetition is boring.

You can use different objects for different stock photos
You can combine different objects in different stock photos. For example, you can combine those rings and lipsticks into one stock photo, while the next one contains a scarf and unlit candle. Having versatility is awesome because then you can challenge yourself creatively and you won't have the same stock photos in every picture.

Do you take your own stock photos?

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