Why I'm Over New Makeup Releases

by - Friday, September 21, 2018

There are approximately half a million products launching per month, and frankly, I'm over all of it.

Every new product is a rehashed product
Personally, nobody needs every warm-toned shadow palette on the market or every dusty rose lipstick. Every product is essentially a rehashed version of another product and that's what has me jaded.

Reusing shadows
I am in a beauty group and when ABH announced their new eyeshadow palette, somebody posted a picture of what it would look like if all the colored shadows were taken out of every palette, leaving only the neutrals, and unsurprisingly, all the palettes looked the exact same. Each shadow palette feels like a neutrals palette with a few random colors thrown in.

Too many new releases
Let's be honest: the only new makeup launches I was even remotely interested in was ABH's Soft Glam and the launch of Rihanna's makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Other than that, everything else fell quite flat for me.

I already have a lot of makeup to use
I have a rather large makeup collection, so it's best for me to finish up some stuff before I can even think about buying new things. I really want to start playing with makeup again but because I only leave the house twice a week for school, that hasn't really happened.

Are you over new makeup releases?

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