Why There's No Shame With Living With Your Parents In Your 20s

by - Thursday, September 27, 2018

A lot of people think that if you're not moved out at 23, then you're just lazy living at home. That is far from the truth. A lot of people my age live at home, and there are several reasons for it.

Housing is expensive
Most apartments where I live start out at $600, which usually lives very little left over for people who are first starting out at their first professional job if they got an apartment right after being hired. I probably won't be able to buy a house until I'm at least 40, so living at home cuts costs that you would have otherwise had to pay on your own, like food and electricity. Some parents choose to put out a rent payment every month, so as to simulate what it would be like if you were living in an actual apartment, and I think that's a great idea if you have a job of any kind.

Some people my age are still in school, whether it's finishing up their Bachelor's degree, going back to school after a period away, or pursuing a graduate degree. Most people still in school either don't work or they only work part-time on campus or at another place where they can't even make enough to pay the monthly rent.

Unfortunately, some people in their 20s have had one parent pass away, and they often stay at home as to comfort their remaining parent and to make them feel less lonely.

Hard to find a good job
It can be really hard to find a job relating to your degree nowadays depending on where you live, so those people have to scramble and get whatever job they can get their hands on. Sometimes, those jobs don't pay enough for people to get their own homes or apartments.

Do you still live with your parents?

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