All the Podcasts I'm Currently Listening To

by - Wednesday, October 03, 2018

I am a podcast person. I find it better than music because podcasts teach me something sometimes, and I prefer listening to podcasts because it's something to look forward to every week.

Currently listening to: 
Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green
This podcast is run by author and one half of the Vlogbrothers John Green, and he reviews random things that make up human life as it is now, such as Hawaiian pizza, CNN, and sports.

Break The Twitch by Anthony Ongano 
I recently discovered Break The Twitch, and it's really helped me break my social media habits, even though I was already improving them. I now use my phone more for reading blogs (they load faster on my phone than on my laptop for some reason) and spend only 1 hour of each day on social media.

The Minimalists Podcast 
Run by Joshua Fields-Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, the duo behind the Minimalists Blog, they talk about everything ranging from parental relationships to your own romantic relationships and how minimalism can help improve them.

The Mustards Podcast
Monday morning when all the possibilities are possible! I love this podcast run by couple Jenny and David Mustard, and they talk about their life experiences. It feels like I'm sitting in the room next to them.

Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker 
Hashtag Authentic is a podcast where Sara Tasker from Me & Orla interviews and has conversations with other creatives who have made their business full time, and I love it because it's interesting to see how everyone has a different creative process.

Gwo with Soul by Kayte Ferris
Grow with Soul is also a creatives podcast run by Kayte Ferris from Simple & Season. This podcast is different from other creative podcasts because Kayte encourages slow and sustainable growth.

Letters From A Hopeful Creative by Jen Carrington & Sara Tasker
Creative coach Jen Carrington teams up with Sara Tasker to form this podcast, where creatives & hopeful creatives send in anonymous or non-anonymous letters asking for help about their business and how to either grow it, balance it with other full-time work, or even whether to start another side hustle.

Delete This by Hank and Katherine Green
This is a hilarious podcast about the other half of the Vlogbrothers Hank Green going over his tweets with wife Katherine Green and occasionally their cat, Cameo. There's a segment called "Oops, I tweeted at Trump" where Hank reads off all the things he's tweeted to Donald Trump that week.

Dear Hank and John 
Dear Hank and John is run by Hank and John Green, together! They give dubious advice about all of life's problems and go over all the latest and greatest news about Mars the planet and AFC Wimbledon, a football team in England.

Currently on Hiatus: 
The Lavendaire Lifestyle by Aileen Xu 
The Lavendaire Lifestyle is a personal growth and lifestyle podcast run by Aileen Xu, who runs the blog Lavendaire. She interviews creatives and gives tips on how to grow your blog or Youtube channel.  Currently, Aileen is taking a break and will continue making the podcasts in November.

Make it Happen by Jen Carrington 
Make It Happen is a creative podcast run by Jen Carrington, creative coach and blogger and goes over the creative processes and setbacks of certain creative people who have made their work their full-time career. Currently, the podcast is on hiatus after finishing its previous season and will be back soon.

Make Out With Him 
Make Out With Him is a dubious relationships podcast modeled after Dear Hank and John but features Youtubers Lex Croucher and Rosianna Halse Rojas. The podcast is currently also on hiatus but will hopefully be back soon.

What podcasts do you currently listen to?

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