Blogging & Consumerism: How Does Blogging Promote It & Alternatives to Reviews

by - Friday, October 12, 2018

Something that has recently been brought to light over the past few months for me is how the blogging industry promotes consumerism. Consumerism isn't a bad thing, but it can be when you're a beauty blogger who is expected to buy practically every new launch on the market, and that causes some beauty bloggers to rack up thousands of dollars just to create content for their platforms, myself included. This has gotten to the point where I do not follow anyone who constantly promotes review after review on their blog because sometimes blogs do not disclose that a certain product was sent to them for PR, and buying that much makeup is just not realistic. There are alternatives to doing reviews for every post though.

  • Shop your stash posts-There are tons of ideas for this such as your favorite nude/red/berry lipsticks, your favorite eyeshadows, and so much more. I've done my favorite neutral lipsticks, my favorite autumnal lipsticks (red & berry), my favorite pink lipsticks, my favorite eyeshadows, my favorite blushes, basically every favorite of every product category in makeup that exists, I've done a post on. I'm also constantly looking for new shop my stash posts to write. 
  • Blogging what makeup you wear-I've recently been doing this, and it's been interesting as I don't wear the same makeup every day. Of course, this can prove problematic for controversial brands because I don't want to promote that brand's products on my blog, but at the same time, I don't want those products to just gather dust in my collection. 
  • Documenting your outfits-Consumerism doesn't just lie in the makeup industry; it also lies in the fashion industry. I love seeing photos of affordable outfits because it proves that you don't need to have premium brands in order to be a fashion blogger. 
  • Being aware of consumerism-Even if you don't want to do these posts, or if you want to do some or all of these posts, it's important to be mindful of consumerism. This is partially why I wanted to get into minimalism; because people mindlessly consume things and later on, have no more use for it so it becomes clutter. A lot of people go into debt because of mindless consumerism. They think that they need to have the latest makeup products or the newest thing that Dior comes out with, and blogging while being mindful of consumerism proves that this mindset is the wrong mindset and you can give love to old things. 
How are you handling consumerism in the blogging industry? 

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