Four Practical Luxuries

by - Friday, October 05, 2018

We all buy clothes and other items, but there are some luxury items that can also be considered practical.

A good bra
Every lady out there needs a bra, but unfortunately, a majority of them wear the wrong bra-whether it's the wrong cup size or the wrong band size. Going into a store and being measured for a good bra is a practical luxury because it makes you feel better, and it can potentially save a bad back.

A good winter coat
I'm still on the hunt for a good winter coat. These are practical luxuries because most jackets from the high street aren't warm enough for those awful winter storms that I experience sometimes, and most good jackets cost a bit more than high street jackets.

A good bag
Nothing is worse than having your bag strap break and having to carry it, or even worse, having the bottom of your bag break out, spilling the contents of your bag everywhere. A good bag is a great thing to invest in, as it can last years, and even a good bag doesn't have to be designer. A bag from a department store is going to last longer than a bag from Primark.

A wardrobe that isn't high-street clothing
With more expensive clothing, you get the option to tailor them, but with high-street clothing, you're pretty much stuck with what you have. Having a wardrobe that isn't 99% high-street clothing is a practical luxury because if you work in an office or a corporation, it's important to have nice clothes that don't fall apart every three months.

What are some other practical luxuries you have?

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