How Do I Do Well in University?

by - Sunday, October 14, 2018

Doing well in university the second time around really surprised me, because the first time around didn't really go well, but I've found out some tips and tricks on how to do really well.

Don't take too many classes. 
I only take 3 classes per semester-two block (7-week) classes and one semester-long (15-week) class. This allows me to balance out my days because I only have to go to school twice a week, and that gives me time to give 100% of my attention to doing my assignments as well as possible. Taking 4-5 classes because it's expected of you is not only to stress you out more, it'll also lower your grade because you have one million and one things to do before your next class. Believe me, I've tried that route before and it went horribly wrong. 3 classes per semester is better overall for my mental health.

Take 1-2 hours per day to do work
This is what I do on weekdays where I don't have to go to school. I take 1-2 hours per day working on essays, speeches,  or even just general studying. This is so that I don't fall behind and I'll be prepared for whatever happens during the next class.

You don't have to work on the weekends
Weekends are times to relax and enjoy yourself, and I try not to do any work on the weekends. If I have to do work it's a minimum 30 minutes, usually to do a quick little assignment that can be finished within that time period because I want to reserve my weekdays to do all the work, so it feels more like I'm actually working at a job instead of being a student.

Online or in-person tutoring
Most schools have either an in-person tutoring office, online tutoring, or both. I take advantage of this for my essays because even though I can write a blog, I can't write a perfect essay to save my life, and this has helped me so many times.

How do you succeed in university?

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