How I Figured Out My Personal Style & What I Enjoy Wearing

by - Monday, October 29, 2018

Finding your personal style is something that is amazing, as your style defines you as a person. I figured out my personal style towards the end of 2016 and here are some of the things I like:

-Plain shirts and tank tops
-Tops with lace
-The occasional slogan or graphic tee
-Flannel or checkered shirts
-Band and game merch
-Basically any kind of dress except for bodycon and maxi

-Yoga pants

-Denim jackets
-Military-style jackets
-Utility jackets
-Biker jackets

-Boots with a low or no heel

-Felt wide-brimmed hats

As to how I figured out my personal style, there are some things I asked myself when eventually finding my personal style.

Can I wear it to work? 
Eventually, I'm going to find a job out there, and unfortunately, some places don't allow you to dress in slogan tees and sweatpants, so I've bought a few work-appropriate pants and tops here and there to fill the void in those areas.

Is it versatile? 
I used to live in graphic tees (throwback to those emo days), but later found out that they weren't practical for things like internships or work-study jobs, so I stopped wearing those and only wear them occasionally. I now wear plain neutral tops in black, grey, and white.

Will I wear it more than once?
That cute cut-out sweater is nice, but realistically, I'd never be able to wear it more than once, so I only buy clothes I know I'll wear a lot of times.

Is it comfortable? 
There's nothing worse than wearing a pretty dress only to find out that it's uncomfortable.

Have you found your personal style?

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