How I Make My Summer Wardrobe Ready for Autumn & Winter

by - Wednesday, October 17, 2018

There are some ways that I can transform my summer wardrobe into a decent autumn & winter wardrobe. Finding little ways to transform seasonal clothing to work all year round is one of my favorite things as it's more sustainable and you don't need to go shopping for clothes every three months.

Layer up
I still love to wear things that would be considered summery such as dresses and tank tops, and I simply just layer up with cardigans and leggings. Another way to layer up is outerwear, as a leather jacket with that floral sleeveless dress can make it more autumn-appropriate and the leather jacket can also toughen up a "girly" outfit. Utility jackets are another great choice because they scream autumn due to their color and they are slightly more versatile than the leather jacket, as you can wear them with dresses, skinny jeans, boots, sneakers, etc. Denim jackets are seen as more of a spring and summer item but they can work in the autumn and winter with stripes and graphic tees. Other people wear their shorts over tights (I personally don't do this because I find it doesn't flatter me, but it looks awesome on other people!).

I like pulling out my beanies and hats during this time, and a good wide-brimmed black felt hat can make a black dress feel witchy-perfect for Halloween. Other accessories I like to pull out are scarves, as mentioned above, and knit beanies.

Shoe choice
Over-the-knee boots are a good choice for that long-sleeved dress, and knee-high boots work well with that striped dress with a cardigan. Summer clothes can easily be made into autumn and winter clothes by swapping out your sandals, flip-flops, and espadrilles for boots of all lengths and loafers.

How do you make your summer clothes ready for autumn and winter?

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