How I Tackle The Urge To Shop

by - Saturday, October 06, 2018

I haven't had the urge to shop in months, and it's partly because of money problems, but it's also partly because there's so much new stuff out on the market that it's overwhelming, not to mention that everything practically looks the same. Here's how I tackled my urge to shop.

1. The Four Questions
I wrote a blog post ages ago about four questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase, and it's worked so well for the past few months. Save for two lip products, I haven't bought anything unnecessary at all because I simply don't need anything else cluttering up my life and my space.

2. I remind myself everything is the same
I stumbled across this photo and saw this tweet and it really opened my eyes to how practically every "new" product is just a rehashed version of the same thing. This also proves the fact that you don't need every new release, because with each palette released, there are at least 10 with the same color palette.

3. Taking up a hobby that doesn't cost money
Recently, I've been fooling around with taking endless amounts of stock photos I can use in all my blog posts so I don't have to keep taking new photos every time I want to write a blog post (also because I have a 20-page essay to write this me). I enjoy taking stock photos now, and I'm always looking for stuff to shoot. Even that boring apple stand at the grocery store can make a great stock photo for me. I've also picked up a habit of working out at home twice a week using Blogilates workouts.

4. "I buy because it's content"
This is probably the reason why beauty bloggers buy so much makeup: it's to make content for their blogs. I think it's pretty wasteful now to buy ten lipsticks that you'll never wear again, and it's wasteful to buy two boxfuls of clothes from ASOS only to return 99% of the order because "content".

5. I want my blog to be relatable
Most people can't afford to buy an entire Sephora every week, or even less to do a Primark haul each week. I'm trying to be relatable and am considering doing an "If You Buy One Thing This Month..." because that is pretty much all most people can afford for high-end makeup. I might switch off and do a "Five Drugstore Recommendations" post every other month. I've started "shopping my stash" more-which is using up old makeup you haven't touched in a while, and done some "On My Face" posts which is all the makeup I wore that day.

How do you tackle your urge to shop?

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