My Favorite Blush-Toned Eyeshadow Palettes

by - Sunday, October 21, 2018

I have tried my fair share of blush-toned palettes, but only two have stood out to be my favorites. This isn't saying that I don't like the other blush-toned palettes I have, but that I reach for these two the most when I want a blush-toned eyeshadow look.

The Urban Decay Naked 3 contains 12 blush-toned shadows, and its theme is rose gold and copper. I love this palette because in addition to all the blush-toned shades, it also contains some of your everyday neutral shades such as brown and black, to make this palette versatile. My most used shade in the Naked 3 is Buzz, which is a beautiful shimmery pink, although I'm also partial to Dust, which is a true rose gold. Strange is the shade I use all over my lid as a base shade.

The other palette that's my favorite is the Stila Matte n' Metal Palette. This palette is my personal favorite because it has 12 shades-but six are shimmer and six are matte, making this the most balanced palette in my collection. I tend to use a mixture of Retro, which is a beautiful rose gold, Suede, a matte dusty rose, and Bohemian, a lovely light gold. Vintage is the shade I use all over my lid as a base shade.

What are your favorite blush-toned palettes?

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