The ABCs of Autumn

by - Thursday, October 04, 2018

Autumn is now officially upon us. I say officially because the week autumn actually started it was still sweltering hot, but now it feels more seasonal. After seeing this post by Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons, I felt inspired to put my own twist on it.

Autumn scents-this is the time of year where stores like Bath & Body Works & Yankee Candle start pulling out their autumn-scented items, so everything is a wonderful mix of cinnamon, pumpkin, and apples.

Birthday-My birthday is roughly in 21 days upon the publication of this post, and a fun fact is that I always got a Halloween costume as a present because Halloween would be 6 days later.

Crisp mornings-I'm starting to love the crisper, colder mornings, but I do not like wiping condensation off my car.

Darker colors-time to exchange the pastels for the darker, vampier colors.

Electric Blanket-I have one and it's been a lifesaver at nights.

Football-I'm unfortunately not talking about the sport with the black and white ball. I'm talking American football with the brown egg-shaped ball.

Growth-even though autumn is when the trees die, I find autumn a great time to focus on personal growth as it represents a new start.

Helping hand-This season I'm giving my parents a helping hand around the house and preparing lunch. This is so I can make a meal without burning my future place down.

Indoors-I've been basically holed up indoors this entire autumn and I need to change that.

Joy-Autumn brings me a lot of joy.

Kitchen-I've also been watching how my mom cooks and hope to find more recipes soon.

Leather Jacket Weather-I'm happy I can wear my leather jackets out and about again.

Marigolds-We have a batch of yellow marigolds and a batch of pink marigolds in our garden, and the yellow marigolds are out in full bloom already. I'm still waiting for the pink ones to erupt, so hopefully soon!

No sun-Unfortunately, in autumn, it's very easy to go days without seeing the sun where I live at times.

October-my favorite month.

Pumpkin Spice everything-Pumpkin spice is in everything around this time. You have your Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice candles, pumpkin pie, etc.

Quiet-I find everything in autumn is a bit more quiet, which is great when you're like me and absolutely hate insects. No cicadas or crickets chirping for me, thanks.

Red lipstick-This is the time of year where every beauty blogger marches out of the house with red lipstick on and I love it.

Sweaters & Cardigans-Time to pull out the sweaters and cardigans again. I love my cardigans dearly.

Thanksgiving-Every year, my family picks up a meal from Boston Market to enjoy on Thanksgiving.

Umbrella-I've gotten a habit of chucking a small umbrella in my backpack for school because where I live it tends to rain unexpectedly during the autumn, and I have had wet feet more than once.

Variable temperatures-September is the worst month because it can be freezing cold in the morning, but in the afternoon you're sweltering and regretting wearing your knit sweater.

Wandering outside-I still have yet to do this due to personal fears, but it's very pretty during the autumn with several tiny white flowers growing outside and the deer popping up just to stare at you while they're foraging for food.

Xanthophyll-A little new bit of knowledge; this is found in yellow leaves.

Yellow leaves-I still have yet to see any colored leaves, but hopefully, I'll see some soon!

Zombies-one of my favorite games to play during rainy fall days is Left 4 Dead-this is odd because it's supposed to be a scary game, but the first game takes place during the fall somewhere in Pennsylvania and the second game is more of a summer-to-autumn cusp type of game. Left 4 Dead is a game where you play one of four Survivors-individuals who have survived the Green Flu, which is a virus that turns regular people into zombie-like beings. You make your way to safehouses in various scenes, and to make things a bit harder, there are five special zombies that try to trip everyone up. The boss level zombie in each level is known as The Witch-if you "startle" her (aka walking too close to her for too long or walking into her), you get sent on a wild goose chase across the map as your teammates try to kill her. It's a great game to play if you have three other friends, or even one will suffice.

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