The Five Worst Enemies on Skyrim

by - Monday, October 08, 2018

(one of the best screenshots of this game I've ever gotten)

I am a huge Skyrim fan, and like many games, it has a lot of enemies. However, there are several enemies that I really hate on there, and I do have the five worst enemies (in my personal opinion) on Skyrim.

1. Giants
Giants are slow, and they don't attack unless you attack them first or unless your companions do. It's funny when they whack your companion or a goat with their club, but it's not so funny when they whack you because it's a one-shot kill.

2. Mammoths
You'll often find these with giants, but if you provoke one, they'll easily kill you, and it's very difficult to kill them.

3. Draugr Overlords
High health, decent one-handed skills, and shouts make draugr overlords quite difficult to kill. They're impervious to frost spells as well, making your magic use quite limited.

4. Ash Spawn
Ash Spawn are specific to the Dragonborn DLC of the game, and they are only encountered on Solstheim. I don't like these buggers because you can't get close to them, and they're also impervious to fire spells.

5. Dwarven Automatons (Animunculi)
These are probably on par with giants and mammoths. They are made of metal and are unaffected by frost spells, but somehow they are affected by lightning and fire spells. These buggers are also annoying because of how fast they are, especially the Dwarven Spheres, and don't get me started on the Dwarven Centurions.

What are your least liked enemies on Skyrim?

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