The Zombie Game I Like Playing Near Halloween

by - Friday, October 19, 2018

Halloween is fast approaching, and there is one game that I love playing during this time of year, because it's not as scary as other zombie games, and it's also a great co-op game. Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are perfect if you hate jumpscares but want some action. If you have Left 4 Dead 2, you actually get a free copy of Left 4 Dead as the game has been ported over.

Left 4 Dead's version of the zombie is called the Infected, which are essentially people that have been infected by the Green Flu, a constantly mutating virus that causes people to either die or become zombie-like beings. In both games, you get to play as Survivors: people who are asymptomatic carriers of the Green Flu. The Survivors differ per game: in the first Left 4 Dead game, you can play as Zoey, a college student, Louis, the smartest of the bunch and an IT analyst, Francis, a tough biker guy, and Bill, a jaded Vietnam vet. In Left 4 Dead 2, you can play as Ellis, a happy-go-lucky mechanic, Nick, a suave conman, Rochelle, a news anchor, or Coach, a high school football coach.

Both games include two kinds of Infected: common Infected, which have no special ability, and Special Infected: zombies with special abilities. The Common Infected may not seem like much, but they are dangerous when they come in hordes. There are seven types of Special Infected though:

  • The Boomer-pukes on Survivors and causes a small horde of zombies to attack them because they are attracted to the sick, and explodes when shot 
  • The Spitter-spits a noxious acid that does a significant amount of damage if Survivors step through it, and is easy to kill. 
  • The Smoker-constricts Survivors with its long tongue and emits a cloud of putrid smoke when killed 
  • The Jockey-jumps on Survivors' backs and steers them towards a horde or other Special Infected 
  • The Hunter-pounces on Survivors and pins them down to the ground and shreds them to pieces. 
The last two Special Infected are considered bosses to me personally because of their health level and abilities: 
  • The Witch-a white-haired zombie woman who is usually seen either sitting on the ground or wandering around with blood-stained claws. She is easy to spot and hear because she is often heard sobbing loudly and she has glowing red eyes. She is passive and won't attack unless a Survivor shines their flashlight in her eyes too long, run into her, shoot her, or do anything to injure her, and then she will run after whoever attacked her and start to attack them. On harder levels, she can instantly incapacitate or kill a Survivor depending on the level. If you or somebody else disturbs the Witch, a blurb of text will appear that says "You/Player startled the Witch!" and when the Witch dies, the screen will say "The Witch injured you. Don't startle her next time!" if you were the one who disturbed the Witch. 
  •  The Tank-this is undoubtedly, in my opinion, the worst Special Infected of the game because he is all muscle and can pull rocks out of places where there shouldn't be rocks and throw them at Survivors. If there are cars nearby, the Tank can also punch cars at the Survivors, which can instantly incapacitate them. You can set him on fire to kill him faster, but this tactic also makes the Tank slightly faster. 
There are also Uncommon Infected in both games: 
  • Hospital patient-this is one of the funny but scary ones because they are unaffected by any mods, but they are not wearing any kind of undies under their gowns, so be aware that this might make the game not safe for work. Only seen in the first campaign of the first Left 4 Dead game 
  • Jimmy Gibbs Jr-a famous racecar driver who got infected. He is at boss level but rarely spawns. He is found at the first campaign of Left 4 Dead 2. 
  • CEDA Infected-this is one of the funnier ones as they wear hazmat suits which are immune to fire, but when you kill them, the suit lets out a burst of air which makes a sound that's in between a fart and a balloon losing its air. These are found in the last campaign of Left 4 Dead and the first campaign of Left 4 Dead 2, and are also seen in the Cold Stream campaign. 
  • Clown Infected-This is more annoying than not because of their squeaky shoes, which attracts a small horde of common Infected every time. 
  • Construction Workers-They are immune to pipe bombs. 
  • Riot Infected-These guys take twice as much ammo to kill than common Infected. 
There are different campaigns in the games as well, taking place in different parts of the US. Left 4 Dead's storyline takes place from Pennsylvania where it starts to Georgia where it ends, while Left 4 Dead 2's storyline starts in Georgia and ends in New Orleans, Lousiana. There are also different game modes that you can play either by yourself or with other people. 

There are a lot of strategies in this game as well, so I recommend that you play this game with at least one other real person because the bot system in this game is kind of terrible, to be honest (I should try finding at least three other friends to play this with, lolz). You can also mod this game using the Steam Workshop, which is what I've done because I personally hate seeing the regular zombies (which is why it's a perfect Halloween game, it's slightly scary), but you have to be careful with mods because some mods are incompatible with other mods.

Another interesting part about this game is that each Special Infected has their own musical cue, so by listening to the music in the game, you can tell which Special Infected is about to attack and prepare accordingly. 

You can buy Left 4 Dead on Steam for $9.99,  Left 4 Dead 2 for the same price, or the bundle for $14.98, but you're better off buying Left 4 Dead 2 because the original Left 4 Dead campaigns and Survivors have been ported to Left 4 Dead 2, so it's like getting two games for the price of one. 

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