What Changes Have I Made To My Blog in the Past Few Months & What Other Changes Do I Want To Make?

by - Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Since July, I've been making a few changes on this blog, but there are some other changes I'd love to make to this blog.

Changes I have made: 

  • Deleted 95% of my old content-I deleted 95% of my old blog posts because all my posts were becoming repetitive-a seasonal lipstick edit for every color of lipstick, a seasonal eyeshadow edit, half-baked content, hauls and reviews everywhere, and I realized that what I was doing was contributing nothing to the blogging community, it was unrealistic, and it was basically buying stuff so I can make content, which you shouldn't have to do in order to run a blog. 
  • Introduced posts of other stuff I like-I have introduced posts about anime, because I like anime, and I've introduced posts about games, because I like games. I shouldn't have to lose views because I like things that are different from other people's interests. This has taught me that if people stop viewing my blog, then it's fine. 
  • Tried to make relatable posts-I've done posts about simple living, minimalism, and I want to do a series on how to save money and how to shop less.  
Changes I want to make:
  • Go from posting twice a day to just once a day-This is something I've been thinking about for a long time. I post twice a day,  and I want to go down to posting just once daily so I can spread my ideas out over a longer period of time. What I fear is that my views will go down because they'll be expecting another post that day and won't stick around when they find out there's only one post that day, but it'd be nice to not worry about coming up with two posts per day and only having to come up with one per day. I am going to try this the day after this post comes up, so people won't be surprised to see just one post on the day this post goes up instead of expecting two posts and being disappointed there's only one post. 
  • Include more lifestyle bits-I'm already posting about minimalism and simple living, but I'd like to include more lifestyle bits other than me rambling on about how everyone should stop buying things they don't need. 
  • Include more school bits-you might not know this, but I am currently a student! I'm in the race to get my bachelor degree in 2021, and I'd love to include some tips on how to write an essay without crying, and other tips like that. 
Are you making changes to your blog? 

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