What I Learned After A Year of Buying Less

by - Thursday, October 11, 2018

It's been about one year since I drastically cut my spending due to personal finance issues, and here's what I learned over this past year

All makeup launches are rehashes of something that already exists
Like it or not, there's really no innovation in the makeup community anymore. Every makeup company is launching new releases left, right, and center, and what people fail to realize is that it's just a rehashed version of something the brand has already come out with.

People buy because of brand names
This is piggybacking off the first point, but most people buy these new products because it's a brand they like and they want that brand name, much as one would tote around a Chanel or Dior bag.

Beauty Youtubers promote consumerism
Beauty Youtubers do promote consumerism through affiliate links and praising the product even though they haven't really tested it. I got so tired of this promotion of consumerism that I unsubscribed from every beauty Youtuber except for about two and focused on minimalist Youtubers instead.

Material items don't give you long-term happiness
Sure, that new pair of shoes from Topshop or that new lipstick from L'oreal might make you happy for 30 minutes, but are you really going to be unhappy without that item?

Don't look at the "New in" section
Don't look at the "New in" section of fashion shopping websites, because I can guarantee three months later (or whenever the season ends), you'll see those exact items on the sale tab because it's going out of season. That's also how you know that those seasonal items you see on Youtubers' hauls are going straight to their Depops.

Did you buy less this past year?

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