What To Tell Yourself If You Have Grade Stress

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

If you've ever kept checking your school's grading system and panicking over whether or not you've failed that essay or test, you have what I call "grade stress"-the panic that you get when you feel like you haven't done well enough on a school project. Grade stress is the worst type of stress you can experience, but there are some ways to handle it.

Nothing has to be perfect, just well done.
If you scrutinize every detail of that essay or project, you're never going to hand the project in on time and you'll get points off for it being late, or worse-a zero. The best plan of action is to make sure your project or essay is written/done as best as it can be.

I tried my absolute best on this project/essay. 
Trying your best on a project/essay counts way more than the grade you get. Putting hard work into something will prove to your professor that you really are hardworking.

I'm happy with my work. 
Being happy with your work is the most important thing because you wouldn't turn in something that you weren't happy about, would you? Treat school like work-if you're not happy with the work that you do, then you wouldn't give it to your boss.

Do you suffer from "grade stress"?

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