A Basic Christmas Gift Guide/Treat Yo'Self Guide

by - Friday, November 09, 2018

November is hitting its home run stretch, and pretty soon everyone will be out shopping for Christmas presents for everyone: your parents, your cousins, your aunts and uncles, your dog, and your dog's puppies. Not to worry though, because there are some basic things that you could get everyone on your list. Of course, some of us are prone to treating ourselves (I won't judge), and this is also a perfect list for yourself if you don't have anyone to shop for and don't want to feel left out of the Black Friday festivities.

Games, gaming consoles, and gaming PCs
A game is a nice present to get for your brother or boyfriend/fiance/husband. Most games tend to churn out in October/November as E3 is in June (video games is one of my big passions aside from makeup). The hit game that everyone seems to be playing now is Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fortnite is a great game for little kids. Fallout 76 should be coming out soon as I've seen numerous gamers test out the beta, and if nothing interests the boy in your life, there are always older games.

I've also been toying around with the idea of getting an Xbox One for myself once I get my work study job set up, and it's a good way to try to make new friends (which, if I'm honest, I am a complete failure at making friends but I'm trying to better that). I've also been thinking about getting a gaming PC as well because my Chromebook is not built for gaming (also that PC master race joke y'know?).

New makeup
We all have at least one girl in our life who is very interested in makeup. Around this time of year is when beauty brands start releasing their holiday gift sets and advent calendars, but if your gal pal/mom/sister isn't into holiday gift sets, a palette or lipstick might work, with Urban Decay releasing their new Naked Cherry collection and Charlotte Tilbury coming out with several beautiful palettes. A Charlotte Tilbury lipstick always makes a nice gift as they are slightly pricey at $34, but feel so much more luxe than that and the shades flatter everyone.

Cold weather clothing
Practical purchases are always appreciated during this time, especially because it's getting cold and there's always the chance for snow, an ice storm, or simply a miserable combination of cold rain and cold wind where I live. Sweaters are always appreciated, whether they're cardigans or knit, as well as wellies/snow boots and electric blankets or hot water bottles. Some other appreciated cold weather clothing items are winter jackets and socks.

I have a few books that I want to read on my book list, so it doesn't hurt to gift a family member or friend that book they always wanted to read.

Are you getting anything for yourself/a friend/family member?

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