A Long-Lasting Paycheck Wishlist

by - Thursday, November 22, 2018

Since I'm going to be starting a new job, I figured I'd list a paycheck wishlist.

iPhone 8+ or iPhone XS Max
I've had my iPhone 6S for about 2.5 years and unfortunately, it has started to slow down a lot and has gotten to the point where it flashes back to my data for wifi. I use Ting (using my referral link here, as disclosure), which is a "pay as you go" service, and I recently switched to that service to save money, so I can't really use data outside of wifi and tend to save it if I need to call my parents or someone else. The iPhone 8+ seems to serve all my needs, and the iPhone XS Max would be better, but the only thing putting me off from getting the iPhone XS Max is its price and that its new. The iPhone 8+ would definitely be a better fit as it's only $700. I could replace the battery, but because the iPhone 6S is 3 generations behind and they also discontinued making the iPhone 6S, it doesn't seem worth it to me.

Regular working laptop
This has been on the top of my paycheck wishlist/if I had money wishlist for a few weeks. I currently own a Chromebook, which is good when it comes to schoolwork, but because I bought mine refurbished last year, it has begun to show a lot of wear and tear (which is really shocking to me considering my Chromebook is only 1.5 years old). It has started to slow down tremendously and can't hold more than five tabs (mostly Bloglovin/other blogs for post inspiration and Youtube). I've also noticed that the trackpad on my Chromebook has a slight gap which makes me very wary about the battery swelling up (this is dangerous because when the battery swells, it can explode, which can cause a fire, or it can leak battery acid). A brand new Chromebook can have 11 hours of battery life, but sadly mine has depreciated to the point where it can only hold 6-7 hours depending on whether I'm only doing schoolwork on Google Docs or watching Youtube videos all day. This is at the bottom of my list, so I'll keep using my Chromebook until it decides to give up the ghost.

Gaming laptop 
This is high up on my things to buy after I get a good job because I love gaming. The only reason why I want to get a laptop is that all of my games are on Steam, which is a gaming platform. However, a gaming laptop doesn't have to be solely used for gaming. I always wanted to try a hand at digital art, so I really would like to get a drawing tablet to make some drawings/graphics as well as learn some stuff about Source Film Maker, which is where all those funny Valve videos come from.

Xbox One X
I have a few online friends who own Xboxes and figure it would be easier to game if I had a few friends. However, I would have to re-buy the games I already have on Steam, which does cost a fair bit of money if I admit it myself, as well as some other games that are Xbox exclusive.

Other gaming equipment
Other gaming equipment includes headphones, controller skins, and all that fancy stuff. Let's also throw Elgato, which is a capture device for consoles, in there as well.

What's on your paycheck wishlist?

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