An Honest Chat About Content Creation & Why It's So Frustrating For Smaller Creators

by - Wednesday, November 07, 2018

It's time for an honest chat about content creation around these parts. For the past three years, I've been blogging, but this past year I've found it to be particularly frustrating because of various reasons, and I'm positive that smaller creators (>500 followers) share the same frustration, especially if you're making things to sell.

2018 seems to be the year of the content creator, but unfortunately, content creators, whether you're a streamer, Youtuber, blogger, or even if you have an online store selling physical art or digital prints, it's been hard for several reasons.

Clicks but no views
I'm sure everyone who has an online store has this frustration of having people click on your shop links, but not buying anything. Of course, you can't make people buy things, but it's so frustrating when people don't even buy anything because for some people, their online shop is their livelihood and having no purchases means that you have no money for that day. The same applies for blogs-you put every ounce of your effort into creating that beautiful post, only to have nobody or very little people view that post. It's so frustrating that it's enough to make people want to quit because the lack of views makes them feel like their online business or blog has failed. The biggest area where this applies is people looking to become streamers-I know that pain of streaming but getting no views at all, and I know a couple of my friends experience this too, and I really give them props for not giving up.

The algorithm
How many complaints have we heard about the Instagram algorithm? As a blogger, I've heard it a lot. Instagram's algorithm seems to change a lot because some posts have a lot of likes, but other times, they get zero likes. It's frustrating for all creators because we just want our work to be seen, but we can't control an ever-changing algorithm that likes to hide posts when they've got little to no engagement. Social media is very important for promoting when you have a sale if you're a seller or artist on Etsy or Storenvy, and it's also important if you have a blog or an online course you want to sell, but if Instagram is hiding your posts, then traffic will decrease and it's so frustrating to people looking to make a living from the internet.

Don't give up!
This is so important for all content creators feeling the same frustration that I am. If you give up, then you'll also have given up on the hours you sacrificed for that one art thing or that one stream or that one blog post. Even though it's so frustrating to get views, and if you're an online seller, to get sales, don't give up unless it's costing you more to do your hobby than it is to sell or create.

Have you experienced frustration with views and selling as a content creator/blogger?

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