How To Be Mindful of Consumerism when You're A Beauty Blogger

by - Friday, November 02, 2018

Consumerism is something that most bloggers don't take into mind, especially beauty bloggers. This is because consumerism is part of every blogging niche: beauty, fashion, travel, etc., but it's especially prominent in the beauty blogger world. With brands launching new products every week, it can be hard to keep up with all the new product releases, but there's also a lot of pressure for beauty bloggers to snatch up every new release. That's not feasible because most beauty bloggers do it as a hobby, not as a job, and we all know that bigger beauty blogs receive most new products as PR. However, despite the consumerism of beauty blogging, there are some ways to be more mindful of it.

Why writing posts about new product launches isn't realistic
Some beauty bloggers are lucky enough to get every new release in PR, but most of us aren't so lucky because our audiences and blogs are a lot smaller. The pressure to get every new product is out there in the beauty blogger world, and that often means beauty bloggers often spend hundreds of dollars on new makeup, which can expire before it all gets used. That waste means money's been wasted because you didn't use the entire product.

Writing posts about the makeup you already own
I write almost exclusively about stuff I own, with the occasional post about a new product here and there. This is because I simply am not interested in any new makeup launches, and most makeup launches are rehashed versions of other products that have come out already. In fact, I'd rather save for one of my other passions, which happens to be gaming.

Post ideas for makeup you already own: 
Your favorite makeup products from each category (ex: your favorite nude lipsticks, favorite eyeshadow palettes, favorite foundations, etc.)
Your makeup of the day
Your collection of a certain makeup collection (ex: your blush/highlighter collection)
Special occasion makeup (ex: birthday makeup, Christmas makeup, etc.)
Color edits (nude makeup edit, blush makeup edit, etc.)
Monthly favorites

Are you mindful of consumerism in beauty blogging?

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