How To Choose Happiness When It Feels Like The World Is Against You

by - Monday, November 12, 2018

Choosing to be happy can be really effing difficult when it feels like all the world wants to do is to break you down. From failing that project at school, not getting a single sale on your Etsy shop, to hunting for a job for weeks and getting nothing in return can be a little disheartening, but there are some ways to choose happiness when it feels like the world really wants to see you fail.

Take joy in the little things
Even though not getting a single sale on your Etsy shop might be discouraging, maybe you got three new views. Your blog might have gotten the traffic you'd hope for, but maybe someone left a nice comment. Little things like that are better than nothing, right?

Keep trying, don't give up
Giving up is the worst thing you can do because it tells the world and yourself that you're not good enough for this one thing, so you're not going to try anymore. Persistence is key and I am a very persistent person if I put my mind to it.

Take a break
Taking a break is a good thing because you might have been burnt out from applying to 200 jobs and not hearing anything back, and taking a break for a few days is good for your soul and a good mind-resetter so you can go back in business and be better than ever.

Don't read advice websites
This is something that I started doing recently. All advice websites do is regurgitate the same information over and over, and it's worse for job searches because you most likely have done everything that the article advised but you still got nothing. Avoid these websites like the plague because they're just rehashed information (on another note, I wish Google would stop showing these because I find them to be horse poo).

Talk to someone who understands/a mentor
If you have a person who you really look up to or even a best friend, it's best to talk to them about your situation to see what you could improve on. Their advice is better than someone who doesn't understand because if you talk to someone who doesn't understand, that's like looking at an advice website that regurgitates the same information over and over, or worse, they might criticize you which is the last thing you need.

How do you choose happiness when it feels like the world is against you?

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