If Money Were No Issue...

by - Friday, November 16, 2018

One thing I like to consider is all the possibilities if money weren't an issue. There are a lot of blog posts on this topic, and I love seeing the different things that people would do if money weren't an issue, so without further ado here is what I would do if money wasn't an issue.

Open up more on the internet
I would definitely be making much more content on the internet, including Youtube videos if money weren't an issue because if money weren't an issue, I'm sure a lot of content creators would feel happier in their work. This is because for content creators, it's very difficult to get paid if you're smaller in addition to getting fewer views, and personally, I feel like both the fear of not getting paid and the lack of views is a deadly combination that discourages content creators and even makes some of them quit the internet for good. If money weren't an issue, I would be creating more content with my iPhone photography.

Streaming my favorite games
One recent thing I've wanted is some gaming related stuff like an Xbox and a PC that can play games because I admit I'm a bit of a gamer myself. I always wanted a chance to stream my favorite games, and have tried in the past but quit because of lack of views. I would love to give live streaming another try. This is important because a lot of gaming equipment is very expensive-often reaching prices up to $1000 or more.

Learn how to edit photos and make content other than iPhone photography
One thing I loved doing as a teenager and as a child was to draw, and I'd love to get a drawing tablet so I can make digital drawings. I'd also love to learn the ins and outs of other editing software like Premiere Pro for videos and Photoshop. One final thing I'd love to learn is Source Film Maker. I've been watching a lot of SFM type videos, and some of them are hilarious while others are seriously mindblowing.

Travel the world
I've wanted to travel the world for a while because there are so many interesting places that are outside of the US. One of the places I want to see most is the Nordic countries because it reminds me of my favorite game, which is Skyrim.

Donate to a good cause
There are a lot of charities that donate to good causes, and two of my personal favorites are The Foundation to Decrease World Suck by Vlogbrothers duo John and Hank Green, as well as Extra Life, which helps support your local children's hospital.

Buy all the merch
I'm a fan of Rooster Teeth, as well as several games, so I'd go out and buy some merch from each game/company I like.

Support all my favorite creators on Patreon
We all know how absolutely difficult it is to become a creator on the internet, especially on Youtube since they keep changing the way your videos get monetized. In lieu of all the horrific demonetization issues on Youtube, many creators have turned to Patreon, which is kind of like crowd funding, but for creators. If money were absolutely no issue, I would donate a lot to a few of my favorite creators so at least I could have a hand in helping them get whatever they're creating off the ground.

Invest in myself
By this, I mean buying a house, buying insurance, buying stuff that actually improves my life, as well as classes.

What would you do if money weren't an issue?

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