Lessons Learned from Being An Ex Makeup Addict and an Emotional Shopper

by - Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Until a year ago I was a complete makeup addict, buying new things every month, and I was also an emotional shopper. Those two things combined drained my account and left me with material things that I didn't need and had to use up before their expiration date. Although I've succeeded in panning several makeup products since then, having no income taught me a lot about being an ex-makeup addict in combination with being an emotional shopper, a dangerous combination.

New things only bring temporary happiness
The rush of a new lipstick or a new dress is only temporary, and I guarantee that three days later that lipstick will be shoved in the back of your lipstick drawer and that dress shoved in the back of your wardrobe because you wanna stick to your old favorites.

Money makes things easier but doesn't buy happiness
Money makes things easier because we can use it to buy things we need like a house, to pay the bills, and for entertainment, but it honestly doesn't buy happiness. The only happiness it does buy is temporary happiness and true happiness comes from enjoying things you like doing rather than the constant consumption of new things.

Save, save save
I didn't learn this lesson until I lost my source of income. Saving is so important because then you'll be able to pay for things that you need in an emergency, such as that surprise hospital visit or that flat tire. Most people end up in debt because they didn't save money, and it would suck to not have the money and have an emergency such as a broken laptop due to a spill or a cracked phone.

Credit cards aren't for everyone
I still have a debit card because I don't have a stable job yet, and as a student, I don't see myself needing a credit card until I land a job where I can comfortably pay off credit card bills. Debit cards are also a better way to see how much you're actually spending because it links to your checking account.

You don't need "new" items to be well-liked
This is me speaking from experience as a blogger and as someone who has had a poor relationship with money. Spending money on new things just so you'll be well-liked on social media is not worth it because you're wasting money and there's a really good chance that those clothes from H&M won't garner much money if you decide to sell it on Depop or eBay. That Too Faced palette isn't going to get you much either.

What lessons have you learned from being an emotional shopper?

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  1. I agree with the temporary happiness... I used to be an emotional shopper as well and when I felt better about the situation in a couple of days, I started to regret the things I purchased. I also have a habit of removing tags the moment I get home, so that wasn't helpful either, haha.