My Expectations vs My Reality at 24 (A Loose Interpretation of My Failed 5-year Plan)

by - Saturday, November 10, 2018

Loads of people probably have a 5-year plan when they start college, dreaming about getting that 4 year degree by the time they're 22 and landing their dream job at 23 or 24, and maybe getting married at 25 and having kids at 26, but unfortunately, life loves to throw a wrench in everyone's plans sometimes. I have had those expectations of myself, including graduating at 22, living out of the country and finding a job at 23, and possibly getting married at 24-25, but guess what? Life threw a wrench in my way and now my life has turned from a straight road into a bowl of noodles. Here are some of the expectations I did have for myself but have been thrown entirely in for a big ol' loop-the-loop.

Expectation #1: Graduated college at 22
Reality: Not even close. I had a setback and chose to discontinue community college, but then re-enrolled in a private 4-year university while transferring all my community college credits over to my 4-year university. Luckily I only have 2.5 years left (maybe even less).

Expectation #2: Married after college at 23/24
Reality: I could both kick myself and laugh at the same time because after 4.5 years I am officially a single woman and haven't found a boyfriend in 2 years. Oh well, it's for the better I suppose.

Expectation #3: Good job at 24/25
Reality: Still waiting for this one. After being laid off from my data analyst job, I went immediately back to school and it's been a whole process.

Expectation #4: Living out of the country at 23 
Reality: Nope. I'm still in the US of A people, but I don't really mind since traveling is on my list of things to do before I die, but it's not that high up.

Expectation #5: It would be easy
Reality: Nope. nope, double nope. Being in your 20s is far from easy and it's been a real struggle.

Have you had a failed five-year plan?

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