My Favorite Youtubers

by - Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I watch a lot of Youtube because it's the most my Chromebook can handle at the moment, so it's lead me to unsubscribe and resubscribe to various channels, but here are the ones I love right now.

Beejie Bean
Beejie Bean is currently undertaking a really cool project, and that project is taking the Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns and turning them into full-length movies, and I really love that because it's like playing the game without actually playing the game, and the movies give more depth to each character because of deleted lines that are in the game data but not in the actual game itself. She is currently remastering the last episode of The Passing campaign, which is The Port Finale, and I can't wait for when she comes out with Dark Carnival. I love how Beejie adds her own little twist to the movies as well (such as an Infected holding a tray with a burger and drink in The Mall section of the Dead Center campaign and the Tank in a tuxedo during The Underground in The Passing).

Wow Such Gaming
I discovered Wow Such Gaming through a search for Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay (as much as I love the guys over at Achievement Hunter, it's pretty boring to watch the same videos over and over). In addition to Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay, WSG also does a few series about Left 4 Dead as well, including What Exactly Happened, which explains most of the events in the Left 4 Dead universe, Survivor profiles, which highlights the eight Survivors from both Left 4 Dead games, and Special Infected profiles, which covers all seven Special Infected and ones that were cut.

In addition to all those videos, WSG also has a streaming channel where he posts mostly Left 4 Dead 2 Versus games, with a few Mutation games (mostly Last Man on Earth), and he also does Wow Such Coaching, which is where he helps players who don't really seem to get the hang of Versus just yet.

LetsPlay is the channel that Achievement Hunter uses to upload any gameplay. I'm really glad that they started playing a lot of Left 4 Dead again because that is one of my favorite games and I used to love watching their Minecraft LetsPlays (in fact, they're the reason why I even have Minecraft in the first place).

Shirley Curry (aka Skyrim Grandma)
I just recently started rewatching Shirley Curry after a hiatus from her channel, and I completely forgot how adorable she is. She plays other games, such as ARK, but I love her Skyrim playthroughs the most.

Safiya Nygaard
Safiya is a former content creator for Buzzfeed and she does all sorts of funny videos, from mixing all her makeup together to dressing like Youtubers. Her content is refreshing and funny to watch and she recently came out with her own merch line as well.

Samantha Ravndahl
Sam has always been one of the few makeup influencers I still follow because of her honesty and her hard work in everything. She also loves to poke fun at herself and interacts with her audience.

Dearly Bethany
Bethany's fashion is up my alley, minus the brown tones, as it's quite minimalistic and she recently started a blog. Her specialty is fashion tips for petite women which is perfect for me as petite in the fashion world is described as fashion for women who are 5 foot 3 or under.

Who are your favorite Youtubers?

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