Style Essentials For A Typical Autumn/Winter

by - Saturday, November 03, 2018

A typical autumn and winter where I live can vary. It does stay quite cool, but one thing I don't like is that it's cold enough to warrant a parka in the morning, but by afternoon it's pretty cool but not cold, but it varies between rain and not rain a lot, and often times, a surprise snowstorm can pop up in the early spring or late winter. To tackle this problem, I've put together a list of style essentials I wear during this time of year.

Flannel shirts
These are an absolute godsend. I usually wear these as a sort of makeshift jacket on top of tank tops and regular shirts, but they're warm enough for me to go without a jacket most days. I have five of these and I'm quite a sucker for them.

Biker & utility jackets
These are another essential for this time of year because sometimes it's cold enough to warrant some form of outerwear but too warm for a winter coat. I have three biker jackets, with my two favorites being my biker jacket from Forever 21 and the full-length one I have from H&M. Utility jackets are another favorite of mine, especially if they are military-style.

There's another reason why I prefer leggings over denim, and it's not just comfort level. Leggings allow me to move more freely and they're warmer than denim.

Non-suede boots
Non-suede boots are a must because it tends to rain a lot around where I live in the autumn/winter, and my favorite non-suede boots I own are a pair of combat boots, biker boots, and rider boots.

Of course, I'm also a sucker for general boots during this time of year and always scope out what's on sale at my favorite stores.

What are your essentials for your typical autumn/winter?

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