Unpopular Beauty Opinions Tag

by - Saturday, November 24, 2018

I saw this tag on Kay's blog, Shoes & Glitter, and thought I'd give it a try. 

Popular makeup products you don't like
The Too Face Better Than Sex mascara. It weighed my lashes down and it felt heavy-I generally prefer a lightweight formula for my mascara. 

Popular makeup product/brand that everyone else seems to hate but you love
Too Faced. I know the controversy of their nine-pan palettes but I can't help but like them. Their cute packaging always sucks me in. I also want to try Kylie Cosmetics even though everyone seems to love to hate the Kardashians. 

Makeup collab you didn't like or weren't interested in
Basically, every collaboration that came out in 2017-this year. 

Popular makeup step that you never do
Contouring because I just never found it necessary. I also don't bronze nor do I use liquid highlighter for primer. 

Popular beauty influencer you don’t subscribe to/watch
I really don't subscribe to any beauty influencers anymore (the only one I'm still subscribed to is Samantha Ravndahl) because they're just salesmen essentially. They're paid by brands to push products at you with affiliate links, and I can't forget the toxicity of the community, especially around the bigger YouTubers. 

Popular makeup product/brand that you don’t use/support anymore
I have a lot of makeup products I don't use anymore that I should use, but one brand I can't support anymore is Kat Von D ever since her anti-vax controversy. I still have some of her products which I am trying my gosh darned hardest to pan so I never have to look at the logo again. I succeeded in completely emptying out my Tattoo Liner and will be moving on to something else. 

Makeup trend that you have no interest in trying
Whatever they're trying on Instagram now, lol. 

Makeup product that was better in theory than when you used it. Either swatched better or worked better on others than on you
The Hard Candy Sheer Glow Illuminator. I thought it was a dupe for the Melanie Mills Gleam Body Radiance, but realized I didn't need it due to my oily skin. I now mix it in my body lotion/body cream/body butter just to use it up. 

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