Why I'm Taking An Internet Break

by - Friday, November 02, 2018

Taking internet breaks is something that is healthy, but I don't do often. After a few weeks of feeling inadequate though, I decided that I've hit the end of my rope and I've decided to take an internet break. That means I will not be posting on social media, and I'll be checking a few times per day but not commenting. I need this break for several reasons.

Feeling inadequate
As I mentioned before, I was feeling inadequate about everything I was doing on the internet. I just opened a photography Etsy shop, but nobody bought anything yet. I felt jealous of everyone who was doing well on the internet because it feels as though there's no space for me, and my blog only garnered 20 views on average per day. I've had to open and close two eBay accounts because the price at which people wanted to buy things was way lower than the price that I bought it at or the original price of the item. All of this inadequacy made me feel insecure and I decided to take a break because everyone else seems to be better off when they're not on social media too much.

Focusing on my work and happiness
Social media is meant to be an escape, but for most people, unfortunately, it can make people feel miserable because what's on social media isn't a real representation of real life, and it can make people feel insanely jealous and insecure, which leads to misery. This misery is caused by wondering why you can't have whatever things the person who posted the nice photo has, and even though it's nice to have a career on the internet, you have to be extremely lucky in order to even make money off it, and most times, people give up because it either takes too long to make money or they didn't even get lucky.

No interaction
I've noticed this a lot lately. I get a lot of blog views, but nobody reads the posts. I get views on my Etsy shop but nobody buys anything, and it's really frustrating for creators because we need the interaction in order to keep our careers going.

I will still post on my blog and I've been posting more of my old photos on Deviantart, but I'm going to be spending very little time on Instagram and Twitter, which are my most used platforms because of my break.

Have you taken an internet break before?

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