Why You Should Vote

by - Monday, November 05, 2018

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A little Monday bonus post! As you all know, in the US, Election Day is tomorrow, and the mid-term elections are just as crucial as the main 4-year elections where you elect a President and a Vice-President. Unfortunately, people around my age (aka millennials) tend to not vote because they're jaded, but there are some reasons why you should vote.

You'll make your voice heard
Think of your vote as though it was a megaphone shouting at your current representative. If you're not happy with your representative, you either want them to change their stance or elect someone new, right? Your vote is like your voice: if you're not happy with the way your representative is doing things, vote them out! There have been some circumstances where a handful of votes made the difference.

The future matters
We'll be living in the future soon, and if the future consists of things that you are absolutely not okay with, then you need to vote on candidates who support your morals. If you're for better healthcare, vote for someone who cares about healthcare.

Not voting is as bad as voting for someone you don't want to vote for
If you don't vote, then it's just as bad as voting for someone you oppose. Think of it as a playground fight with a bully and a poor little kid. If you don't help the little kid, then you're just as guilty as the bully who beat him up and gave him a black eye because you could have stood up for the kid, but you didn't. If you like the people who are currently in office in your state, that's quite alright, but if you're not okay with it, then you need to make your voice heard and you need to vote.

Will you vote on November 6?

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