101 Goals.

by - Saturday, December 29, 2018

I've heard of the concept of "101 Goals in 1001 Days" which is roughly 3 years, but I decided to do my own twist on it, and do 101 goals period that I would like to achieve not only in the 3 year time period, but over life as well.

  1. Graduate from university
  2. Find a job I love 
  3. Have at least $10,000 dollars in my bank account
  4. Buy a gaming laptop 
  5. Have a gaming desktop set up 
  6. Buy one of each console (Xbox One, Playstation, Nintendo Switch)
  7. Buy a Macbook 
  8. Buy an iMac
  9. Have my own house
  10. Have a romantic relationship before I'm 30 
  11. Get married before I'm 35 
  12. Have one dog and one cat 
  13. Travel to Norway 
  14. Go to Paris at least once 
  15. Travel to NYC at least once
  16. Attend a gaming/anime convention 
  17. Go to each one of the 50 states 
  18. Livestream games on Mixer/Twitch 
  19. Start a Youtube channel 
  20. Make money from this blog
  21. Get at least one PR package 
  22. Buy a Jo Malone candle 
  23. Buy a Diptyque candle 
  24. Buy a designer bag
  25. Have a Christmas tree 
  26. Go visit Singapore 
  27. Meet one friend I made online 
  28. Be proficient in Photoshop 
  29. Make money running a business 
  30. Get a new iPhone 
  31. Be able to sell my clothes for more than $5 
  32. Participate in Nanowrimo 
  33. Visit Iceland 
  34. Travel through Europe
  35. Visit Japan 
  36. Have at least ten items of gaming merch 
  37. Support smaller creators through Patreon donations 
  38. Go on a year-long no buy 
  39. Buy a DSLR camera 
  40. Learn how to cook properly 
  41. Unplug from my blog for 24 hours 
  42. Donate a 1337 to Rooster Teeth's Extra Life 
  43. Get a Rooster Teeth membership 
  44. Do part-time work in the gaming industry 
  45. Learn how to be a proper makeup artist 
  46. Own something from Swarovski 
  47. Use up half my makeup collection
  48. Make money from Instagram and Pinterest 
  49. Learn Chinese 
  50. Make my own Thanksgiving dinner from scratch 
  51. Make Christmas dinner from scratch 
  52. Travel to England 
  53. Travel to Scotland 
  54. Travel to Wales 
  55. Read 12 books in a year 
  56. Have a pair of Demonia boots 
  57. Own a corset
  58. See one of my favorite bands live in concert
  59. Make a fanmade movie 
  60. Train myself to run for one mile without stopping 
  61. Meet John and Hank Green 
  62. Find a Nerdfighter hangout near me 
  63. Start a Rooster Teeth group for my state/region 
  64. Grow some flowers without killing them 
  65. Have some succulents inside the house 
  66. Visit a botanical garden once per month 
  67. Eat one vegetarian/vegan meal per week 
  68. Learn how to make vegan dishes 
  69. Make new friends 
  70. Have my own at-home gym 
  71. Buy my own car
  72. Buy a home decor piece from Anthropologie
  73. Assemble one piece of Ikea furniture
  74. Take a hike in a scenic place 
  75. Visit Bali 
  76. See all the Wonders of the World 
  77. Go to a beach at the Arctic Ocean 
  78. See the Northern Lights 
  79. Blog about travel
  80. Buy a vlogging camera 
  81. Grow my own flower garden 
  82. Have a real bullet journal 
  83. Visit the snowdrops and bluebells in England 
  84. Visit Canada 
  85. Travel to British Columbia 
  86. Reread the books I already own 
  87. Start a nature photography section on my blog 
  88. Go camping once 
  89. Go kayaking 
  90. Go to E3 
  91. Have at least one perfume 
  92. Declutter my closet
  93. Have a job for at least 5 years 
  94. Visit Finland 
  95. Visit Lapland
  96. Become more minimalist 
  97. Have at least 5 Funko Pop figures 
  98. Own the entire manga collection of a series I really like 
  99. Have a Netflix account 
  100. Have no junk emails 
  101. Be happy 
What are your life goals? 

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