18 Lessons 2018 Has Taught Me

by - Wednesday, December 26, 2018

It's nearly the end of the year, and in a few days, 2019 will officially start. 2018 has been an exceptionally crappy year, not only for me, but for basically most people. However, there are some lessons to be learnt along the way, and here's what this year has taught me.

  1. Hard work pays off 
  2. Failure doesn't mean the end of the world
  3. There are always alternate ways to get to your goal 
  4. Someone always cares about you 
  5. Unexpected friendships are the best surprises 
  6. Get outside more; it's better than screentime 
  7. School isn't as boring as it seems 
  8. It's okay to be boring 
  9. Always make sure you're getting your money's worth 
  10. Be grateful for what you have, even the little things
  11. Hard work is 90% of success 
  12. Work for what you want, don't just wait for it to fall in your lap 
  13. Be more assertive; nobody can read minds. 
  14. Minimalism is a lifestyle, not an aesthetic. 
  15. Simple living can be possible if you're on a budget 
  16. Rainy days equals a bountiful harvest 
  17. Don't sweat the small stuff 
  18. You can't change some things in life, and that's okay 
What are some of the biggest lessons you learned this year? 

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