20 Things Former Emo Kids Can Relate To

by - Monday, December 31, 2018

If you remember the good old days of 2007-2013, you'll most likely have had some friends who were emo or you were the emo kid. Now that the big hair and the crazy studded accessories are slowly becoming obsolete, I thought I'd share some things that former emo kids can relate to.
  1. The G note gives you all the feels 
  2. You have a collection of graphic tees that either no longer fit or you no longer wear 
  3. You have at least one pair of Converse or Vans 
  4. You still listen to pop punk favorites 
  5. You scream out all the lyrics to Numb by Linkin Park...okay basically all LP songs
  6. You have a dedicated playlist on Spotify to all the songs you used to listen to when you were in high school 
  7. You still have your studded belts and bracelets 
  8. Walking past a Hot Topic makes you nostalgic 
  9. You know all the lyrics to "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" by Panic At The Disco 
  10. You have at least one band t-shirt 
  11. Your vision in one eye is better in one eye 
  12. You've had to cut your hair short due to bleach damage 
  13. You're a master of those Myspace angles 
  14. You still have a dozen unused pencil eyeliners 
  15. You still have a pair of skinny jeans from high school 
  16. Your heart broke when Warped Tour ended 
  17. You still live in the 2000s in your taste of music 
  18. You dreamed of having snakebite piercings...or any other kind of face piercings
  19. You've considered getting your ears pierced again 
  20. You are bewildered by the Top Tracks on Spotify

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