25 Blog/Instagram Photo Props You Didn't Know You Had

by - Thursday, December 06, 2018

We've all seen those beautifully curated blog and Instagram photos where it's artfully laid out with plenty of props, but sometimes, you can't afford the money to buy props, but there are some props you already have that you can use in your photos.

Whether they're real or fake, you can use flowers as blog props-just be careful when you're using real flowers.

Believe it or not, makeup doesn't have to be the star of every post. You can use various makeup bits to create a cohesive image.

A lot of people, including myself, love to use jewelry as props as it's simple, yet effective. I love using dainty rings and necklaces. Earrings are also a great choice, especially if they're studs or simple.

Clothes can be used as props, especially tank tops or pretty dresses. Anything that has lace can also be used as a background.

Makeup brushes
Makeup brushes are a great way to fill in any blank spaces in a photo. Zoeva and Real Techniques are the brushes I see the most in most photos.

Perfume bottles
If you have an old, but beautiful perfume bottle lying around, use it as a blog prop! It's especially great for beauty and lifestyle posts.

Jewelry/storage boxes
If you have a beautiful jewelry box or any other storage box that you were thinking of either selling or donating, use it as a blog photo prop! It will give new life to that object and it'll be a nice added touch.

Books are a timeless blog photo prop, especially with certain books like "How To Be Parisian" or "Girl Boss".

If you have an old bag you don't use anymore, you could use it as a prop for "What's In My Bag" type posts or even use it as a background aside from using it as a prop.

Stuffed animals
Stuffed animals are a great blog prop, especially around the holiday time as they give off a cozy vibe.

If you have a nice, clean pair of boots or shoes, use those in a fashion blog photo or a lifestyle photo.

Metal baskets
Metal baskets serve as a great blog prop for anything, especially rose gold and copper ones. I use mine mostly for beauty photos.

Unlit candles can be used in flatlay photos, but lit candles can serve as a lovely background prop to give off a cozy, holiday feel in Christmas or gift guide posts. You can also use the empty jars as makeup brush holders or even as other props.

Your phone
Your phone makes a lovely prop if you're writing about blogging, phone photography, or lifestyle, but use this only if you have a backup camera.

We have all seen a Macbook used as a blog prop at least once, right? You don't have to get a Macbook just for that purpose; your Windows laptop or Chromebook will do as well.

Again, sticking with the technology theme, you can use your iPad or another tablet you have as a prop for lifestyle, technology, or any other posts related to blogging.

If you have a beautiful keychain or something from a place like Disneyland, you can use those as little space fillers.

If you have random ornaments lying around from Christmas or so, you can use them as holiday post or Blogmas photo props. Even non-Christmas ornaments are great blog photo props.

Accessories such as beanies, hats, and scarves make great blog props if you're writing about fashion.

Makeup bags
Makeup bags are great for beauty or lifestyle relate posts.

String lights/fairy lights
If you ever wanted to give your photos a cool effect, just loop a string of string lights/fairy lights through your photo to give your photo a cozy and ethereal effect.

Arts & Crafts things
Do you have any leftover rhinestones or confetti from an old art project? Use those as blog photo props. It might get a little messy, but you'll give your photos a nice touch and it'll fill in those empty spaces.

Mugs & cups
Mugs and cups make great flatlay photo props when they're empty, and they make great holiday props when you have coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in them. Just be careful when you fill them up on an unstable surface like your bed.

Body care
Body care items like lotions, body creams, and body butters make great blog props for lifestyle posts.

Stationery items
Stationery items like paper pads, notebooks, planners/agendas, pens, and pencils make great lifestyle blog photo props.

Do you have any blog photo props that you use consistently?

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