Five Reasons Why I'll Always Go Back to Playing Skyrim

by - Sunday, December 16, 2018

Skyrim is probably my favorite game out there, and as I've already put in 918 hours in the game on PC, I thought I'd write about why I'll always come back to the game, even though it's already 7 years old.

It feels like a brand new game every time
Every time I start up the game, it always feels new. Even when I've started a new playthrough, everything still feels new. I love how this feeling never gets old, and how I can play for hours at a time just exploring the map and the land.

It's immersive
I love how immersive Skyrim is, as you can either play it in first person view or switch to third person view. It also has some cool cutscenes, such as falling feet below the ground in a dwarven ruin or fighting the final boss, Alduin.

It's open world
The one thing that sucked me into Skyrim was its open world. Even though you've discovered all of the discoverable places, there are a few unmarked places on the map that are quite the treat to explore.

The graphics
The graphics are what keeps me coming back to Skyrim, because it appears as though the game is based in som Scandinavian countries, and there are several Tumblr blogs dedicated to finding places that look just like landmarks you would find in the game. The graphics are also why I want to travel to places like Norway, Finland, and Alaska: it reminds me of the game.

Legendary skills
Legendary skills are skills that you can reset back to 15 once you've reached 100, and all your perk points that you spent on that skill will be returned to you, so you can either put them into other skills or rebuild your skill from scratch. I love this because it allows you to keep leveling up without a cap.

Do you love Skyrim?

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