Five Things I've Stopped Doing on Instagram To Improve My Relationship With It

by - Saturday, December 15, 2018

Instagram is becoming a trickier platform to deal with by the day. The reason why it's that way is because of the so-called "algorithm" that everyone on the blogger train loves to complain about. In addition to the "algorithm" problem, many smaller creators have a problem with people just unfollowing and a lack of engagement, which can seem really discouraging when you're trying to make your living through online businesses or blogs.  However, there are some things I've done to improve my relationship with Instagram, if even a little bit.

I stopped caring about unfollows
I stopped caring about who unfollows me. I used to be very upset over seeing one or two people unfollow me, but I've realized that it's fine and that my Instagram feed is a mishmash of different things, and if they don't like that, then too bad.

I stopped feeling pressured to post daily
For the longest time, I thought that you had to post daily in order to get followers, because that's what I felt like. However, all that was doing to me was causing pressure to take hastily thrown together makeup photos or a daily selfie and I ended up deleting almost all of those photos because they felt too forced. I now post whenever I feel like it, whether it's a beautiful photo or a really good selfie day.

I unfollowed people who stopped inspiring me 
Around the beginning of this year, I unfollowed a ton of accounts, which dropped me down from following almost 700 accounts to now following around 320. This is because most influencers don't inspire me anymore, and it's all about the hauls and self promotion. I now only follow accounts whose photos or online platforms are inspiring to me (spoiler: I follow mostly nature photography accounts and animals-who doesn't love a good cat photo or a cute dog?).

I stopped going on the app as often
Before, I used to check the app multiple times a day, and now I only check it about three times a day, because of class and upcoming work. It's been great because it really improved my relationship with Instagram and in addition to unfollowing people who don't inspire me anymore, it really helps any insecure feelings I get because I'm not seeing influencers showing off their newest Dior bag.

Do you like Instagram as a platform?

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