Going Back To Basics With Beauty Blogging

by - Thursday, December 13, 2018

Recently, I've been going back to basics with beauty blogging. I used to be a beauty blogger, but I stopped and essentially wiped my blog of 99% of my posts because I felt displeased with them. Going back to basics with beauty blogging sounds like a boring thing-why go back to basics when there are a lot of other posts I can be doing?-but it's actually a good thing for me.

Going back to the classic posts
To go back to basics with beauty blogging, I went back to the posts that every beauty blogger goes to when they've run out of ideas: blogger tags and lists. I used to make a lot of list posts, but deleted them because I felt displeased with them, and only did I make a new round of list posts did I realize why I was displeased: I wasn't putting enough thoughts into my lists, and simply listing out the product and the color. I now write my list posts with more detail. Blogger tags were another huge problem for me because they felt childish, but I found that I could make them sound more mature with my style of writing now.

It made me love beauty blogging again
Going back to basics with beauty blogging made me enjoy blogging about beauty again. For a few months I used to avoid blogging about beauty, only writing about it sparingly, but going back to basics with beauty blogging made me want to write more about beauty. I have a large makeup collection and to rifle through it reminded me why I enjoy blogging about them-I like showing people what my collection is like, I like showing people what I wore on a certain day, and I missed that.

I stopped reading reviews of new products
I stopped following blogs whose content was solely reviews of makeup products. I find that makeup review blogs are handy for when I want to see what a product is like, but I don't enjoy following them because nobody has the time and the money to go out and get all the new makeup releases like those blogs do.

I re-followed old blogs I used to love
Taking a break from a blog I used to love really helps, because I recently re-followed several blogs I used to follow months back. After re-reading their blog, I remember why I loved them in the first place: they sparingly wrote about new products, and instead did list posts with their own inventory.

You can expect to see more beauty content on my blog, as I've regained my love for it.

Did you go back to basics with beauty blogging?

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