How I Beat The Creative Slump

by - Friday, December 28, 2018

Every blogger experiences a creative slump at least once in their career/hobby, and that slump can be devastating. You either have the kind of slump where you have plenty of photos but no words, you have plenty of words but no photos, or both. I've had one creative slump of each type, and it can suck the life out of you because it feels like you don't enjoy blogging anymore, but in reality, you just need something to knock the cobwebs off your idea machine. I have some ways of beating that creative slump, and I split them up into photos and blogging

Bring your phone/camera
I bring my phone everywhere with me, not because I think I'm going to miss a call (hello, robocalls), but mostly because I want to see if I get any ideas of what to photograph. I've photographed the fruit and veg at the supermarket, some plain looking flowers in my mom's garden, and even the sky. Photo inspiration can come from anywhere, and that's what I love about it.

Browse through We Heart It & Tumblr
We Heart It is my place when I need to find inspiration for makeup or fashion flatlays. Same goes to Tumblr, although sometimes, they can be interchangeable as you can share WHI photos from the app to Tumblr. That aside, I've gotten plenty of inspiration from browsing those two websites, even though I may not have the minimalistic aesthetic that I love in everything I reblog from Tumblr.

Browse my favorite blogs
If there's one thing that inspires me to write a blog post, it's getting ideas from my favorite blogs. It's okay to get ideas from your favorite blogs as long as you're not outright copying them because the post on your favorite blogger's post is going to be radically different from yours.

Browse my makeup collection
If I want to write a beauty post, but don't have an idea about what to write about, I simply have a rifle through my makeup collection. I have a lot of makeup, and that, in combination with reading through my favorite blogs, brings me plenty of inspiration.

How do you get inspired?

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