If I Had To Pick My Top 5 Bath & Body Works Fragrances...

by - Wednesday, December 05, 2018

I find posts like these extremely tough, because I love all my Bath & Body Works fragrances equally. However, I also see these posts as a sort of challenge because I can only pick a certain amount and not the entirety of my collection. Nontheless, here are my top 3 Bath & Body Works fine fragrances from my collection.

Bourbon & Strawberry & Vanilla
This scent is discontinued, but it comes back every time Bath & Body Works has their Semi-Annual Sale. I am a sucker for anything fruity, and this fragrance has notes of bourbon vanilla, garden strawberry, and apricot nectar. This fragrance smells mostly of strawberries, though, and I love that it's a great scent year-round.

Cucumber Melon 
This classic scent also is a Semi-Annual sale regular, and I love this because it smells quite fruity, but also fresh at the same time. This fragrance has notes of melon, cucumber, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and musk. This scent is quite refreshing and seems more appropriate for spring/summer, but I love wearing it year-round because of how nice it smells.

Fresh Sparkling Snow
Fresh Sparkling Snow sounds like it might be a winter fragrance, but it actually smells quite refreshing and sweet. It has notes of melon, frozen pear, peppermint, lily-of-the-valley, raspberries, musk, and sandalwood. Despite its wintry name, I love wearing it year round.

Blackberry & Basil
Blackberry & Basil is a relatively new addition to my Bath & Body Works Fragrance collection, but I love it already. You might notice a theme that I love fragrances that are fresh and sweet, and this is another example of those. Blackberry & Basil has notes of blackberry, pink pomelo, basil, and jasmine, giving it a fresh, fruity fragrance that smells slightly of herbs.

Sweet Clementine & Magnolia
This is another yet another fruity and fresh fragrance. Sweet Clementine & Magnolia is another new addition, gotten during the Semi-Annual Sale during the summer, and the notes comprise of pear blossom, clementine, blackcurrant, violet leaf, magnolia, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, vanilla, and musk, giving it a well-rounded scent.

Do you own any Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrances?

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