Samsung Chromebook 3: One Year Later

by - Sunday, December 02, 2018

It's been about a year and a half since I purchased my Samsung Chromebook 3, which is my main laptop, and it's been a journey. At first I enjoyed it, but now I really am not having fun with it. In fact, I hate it so much that I want it to break or overheat or whatever. I want it to stop working so I can get a better laptop.

I bought the Samsung Chromebook 3 (refurbished) back on August 7, but according to the date on the sticker, it's was manufactured in July of 2016, making this Chromebook 2 years old. According to the Chronium Dev website, this Chromebook actually released in December of 2015, so that makes this particular model of Chromebook almost 3 years old. I loved it at first because it was fast and it could do anything online, but then it started to slow down significantly with updates, and I dare not powerwash it because of all the hassle it would take to just put this thing back together, and at 3 years old model-wise and me starting my new job on Tuesday, it doesn't seem worth it to powerwash it. Yeah, it was good at first, but now I regret it.

Why do I regret buying it? I have several reasons why I regret buying the Chromebook actually:

  • It seems like a good deal until you use it
  • It can't run Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.). Even though you can export Google Docs and Google Slides and all the other Google stuff as a Word document or Powerpoint, it's not exactly the same. 
  • My Chromebook sometimes doesn't show the entire screen of whatever I'm reading (very annoying when you have to accept financial aid in school and end up having to pay back your loans because you couldn't see that you clicked "accept all" instead of "accept the subsidized loan that I don't have to pay back until I graduate" so now you have to pay back an extra $1,500 because of that.) 
  • Anything that runs Flash (aka 95% of all websites) slows this thing down by a lot 
  • IT CAN'T PLAY GAMES. Not only do I mean Steam games, I mean any games of any capacity except for offline games 
  • Even though my Chromebook is compatible with the Google Play store, the apps really suck the battery life out of the Chromebook, and sometimes, they don't even work. 
  • There is a gap between the plastic and the trackpad that's big enough for me to stuck an entire corner of a Sephora coupon in. 
  • You literally cannot do anything on this Chromebook except for watch Youtube videos, web browse (aka social media) and blog. 
  • I've seen that it's apparently not compatible with airplane wifi on Reddit. 
  • You can't use Adobe on it. No Photoshop, no Premiere, etc. 
  • No iTunes
  • You're basically SoL without any source of Internet (wifi or otherwise). 
  • It can only print via cloud printing. For anyone who has an older printer that doesn't support cloud printing (myself included), sorry about your luck. 
However, despite this, it can edit HTML (if you're one to dabble in that, especially on Tumblr, Blogger, and any other platform that requires HTML editing) and you can make basic graphics using Canva, which is mostly free, and you just have to pay for some graphics and backgrounds. 

This is one of those classic cases of "you get what you pay for", and I want to kick myself for buying such a cheap and crummy computer when I could have spent that money on a better Windows laptop that could at least run Skyrim on low and Left 4 Dead. If all you're doing is word processing and schoolwork, then this is the one for you. For anyone else, stick with Windows.

Have you thought about getting a Chromebook?

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