Where I Splurge & Where I Save in Makeup

by - Friday, December 07, 2018

There are certain areas as to where I save and where I spend in makeup. I spend in certain categories, and in other categories, I save.

Eyeshadow palettes
I tend to spend more on eyeshadow palettes because I find that high end eyeshadow palettes are more high quality, and you usually need to use less product than if you used a drugstore palette.

I tend to splurge on foundation because I find that the high-end side of makeup offers more full-coverage and matte foundations, which is what I need as I'm very oily, and even the mineral foundations on the high-end side of makeup are better than drugstore, which are essentially just a glorified pressed powder.

I find high-end eyeliner does not smudge on application, and they are much more precise than some drugstore liners.

Loose powder
I find that drugstores really don't have much of an offering when it comes to loose powder, so I tend to gravitate towards the high-end side of things when it comes to loose powders. I use loose powder because I find that it controls oil better than a pressed powder would.

Brow product
I mostly buy my brow products from the high-end side of things because unfortunately, most drugstore brands don't make any black eyebrow products and cater mostly to people who are blond or brunette.

I tend to not buy highlighters very much because my face is oily enough to shine, and if I do get a highlighter, I prefer a subtle highlighter like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder instead of the glitzy, seen-from-space gold powders I see so often in the drugstore.

A majority of my blush collection is from the drugstore or from the affordable side of things, because it's something I like to change up once I finish a product.

I have a lot of drugstore lipsticks, because there are so many dupes for high-end lipsticks that it's not really worth going out to get a high-end lipstick. I'll only get a high-end lipstick if it's a brand I've wanted to try for a while or if it's on sale.

Eyeshadow singles
Eyeshadow singles are meant to be used up quickly, so I tend to stick to the drugstore/affordable side of things if I want a single eyeshadow. The only time I will get a high-end eyeshadow single is if it's on sale or if it's a brand I've wanted to try for a while.

Where do you splurge and save in makeup?

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