Why I Don't Feel Bad For Having A "Boring" Life

by - Thursday, December 27, 2018

We've all seen those gorgeous Instagram photos of those influencer vacations in the Maldives, or trips to New York. As much as I want that life, my life is rather boring, but I don't feel bad for it and here's why.

Influencer vacations are paid for by brands (for the most part)
What Instagram and YouTube don't tell you is that those trips that influencers go on a lot are actually brand trips, mostly for makeup brands who want to promote a new product. Even though the shots taken and the vlogs look amazing, I can't shake the fact that they were paid to promote a new product I'll likely never buy.

Beauty bloggers and YouTubers aren't the only ones who are guilty of this. Travel bloggers and YouTubers often get paid to promote a credit card that offers cash back on airline miles, and are essentially paid by those brands to travel.

That fun influencer life is just a highlights reel
Those fun events and PR packages are just highlights reels from influencers, and we have to remember that when they're not at events or opening PR packages, they're just normal human beings, just like the rest of us.

It's good to be a homebody
Some people think that being a homebody is a bad thing, but being a homebody for me isn't a bad thing, and it helps that I love sitting around playing games.

Being more relatable
Having a "boring" life is really easy to relate to. For others, they go to work, come home, and have a relaxing weekend where the only activity that happens is the food shopping. For other people like me, they have a part time job, go to school, and go on an occasional excursion on the weekends, whether it's running errands with our parents or going out. Having a "boring" life is quite relatable because it's what everyone else does.

Do you have a "boring" life?

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