Why Online Friendships Matter Just As Much As In-Person Friendships

by - Saturday, December 08, 2018

A lot of people have "online friends"-people who don't live near them, but who they've met through various online forums and websites. I've met most of the people I chat with online-from when I was a wee 14 year old chatting it up about the Bleach anime and manga series to meeting people in a group dedicated to Rooster Teeth. Even though I haven't met any of these people face-to-face, there are several reasons why online friendships matter just as much as an in-person friendship.

Online events bring people together
Online events will bring people together in the best way. For example, RTX, which is Rooster Teeth's annual conventions, has brought so many people who have met online together, and that's just the best thing.

It means a lot more
Even though you can lose a lot of online friendships (I am no stranger to this), the online friends you do keep and do eventually meet mean so much more, because it's like meeting a soul sister or a brother from another mother.

More in common
I find that my friendships online last because we have things in common, whether it's anime, games, blogging, etc. I find it very hard to meet people who are remotely even interested in the same things that I am, mostly because everyone I even interact with is more focused on school or politics.

Everything is online
This is an ages-old saying, but you can practically do everything online. You can order your groceries online, you can order your clothes shopping online, and you can make friends online. It's easier to make friends online because it's a reassurance to know that people also like this thing you're into and you're not some lonely weird person. If it weren't for anime and Rooster Teeth, I wouldn't have any social media platforms at all and to have met all these awesome people online.

Do you have any online friends?

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