My BareMinerals Lipgloss Collection

by - Tuesday, January 08, 2019

One of my favorite lipglosses is the BareMinerals Buttercream Lipglosses. They are quite nourishing, a surprising twist from all the other lipglosses I've tried, and all of the colors are subtle enough to wear to work or school because they contain no glitter, and even the ones that have glitter have very finely ground glitter that doesn't show up. I have accumulated five of the Buttercream Lipglosses and wanted to gloss over (no pun intended) the colors I have.

Snarky is a neutral rosy mauve that I love for spring, but it also works any other time of the year because the color is very subtle.

Fancy is my favorite as it is a true, bright pink that contains mini gold glitter, but as I mentioned above, the glitter is very finely ground so it is not visible.

Must-Have is another neutral rosy mauve but it is deeper than Snarky, and I prefer this in the autumn, but as with every other color, it works for any other time of the year because it is so subtle.

Heartbreaker is a mauve pink, and the deepest shade of the Buttercream Lipglosses that I own.

Forbidden is the lightest shade of the Buttercream Lipglosses that I own and is a pale pink that gives a slightly pale wash when applied.

Do you own any BareMinerals Buttercream Lipglosses?

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