On My Face #17

by - Friday, January 18, 2019

This $15 palette is not only affordable, it is also versatile enough to create every look under the sun despite being chock full of neutrals. 

The liner I desperately want to use up 

My favorite drugstore mascara 

Nyx Tame & Frame (shade Black)
The never-ending brow product no matter how many times I use it. 

This foundation is slightly on the runny side, but it does keep me relatively matte, which is a great thing. 

I've recently rediscovered this powder and discovered that it works just as well as my other higher end loose powders. 

Essence Mosiac Blush (shade Don't Pink of It)
Don't Pink of It is a lovely neutral pink blush and it's also quite affordable. Win-win. 

This highlighter turns a beautiful soft gold when the colors are swirled together. 

This lipgloss is plumping, meaning that it feels very minty and feels a little bit painful, but it is a wonderful lipgloss that is a light nude. It also smells like chocolate mint, which is perfect for this time of year. 

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