Review: Dell G3 Gaming Laptop

by - Thursday, January 24, 2019

I thought that I'd share my latest technology purchase: the Dell G3 Gaming Laptop! For the past few months I wanted a gaming laptop because my Chromebook is only capable of word processing and watching Youtube videos unfortunately, but I wanted a gaming laptop that had plenty of battery life (aka not dying after 2 hours), but was also inconspicuous enough to pass as a regular laptop because not only did I need it for gaming, I also needed it for iTunes, school stuff, and other homework. Enter the Dell G3 gaming laptop, the one I ultimately chose after two days and about 20-24 hours worth of researching the best one for a budget. I got mine from Amazon. My model is from this year, and because it is customizable, I made mine have 12 GB of RAM and have a 1 TB hard drive. The laptop itself is 15.6 inches across and weighs a ton-roughly 7 pounds according to the shipping info, which unfortunately makes it a pain to drag to and from school, but might be feasible enough for traveling.

The Dell logo on the case is cool, because it shifts from blue to green in certain lighting.

The laptop also has blue backlit keys, a checkerboard/gingham pattern on the deck, and it comes with a whole lot of ports. It has 3 USB slots, an HDMI slot, an Ethernet port, a slot for your SD card, and an anti-theft slot so you can lock it down if you wish. 

The WASD keys are highlighted as well because if in non-gamer terms, W is up, A is left, S is backward, and D is right. 

Performance wise, it does really well. It can run Skyrim: Special Edition on medium settings (I haven't tried it on high because I am scared I'll damage some parts) and it can run Left 4 Dead 2 on high, which makes it fun because you can see things in clear detail. I have yet to test the original version of Skyrim on it though. It also surprisingly doesn't feel hot when I run those games, but it does create a slight humming noise, which concerns me a little bit, but I figure it's not a big deal because the laptop is still running. 

To go with the laptop, I bought a light-up gaming mouse, and it's perfect for me.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this laptop as it can run basic sites like Blogger and Bloglovin with no trouble as compared to the Chromebook, and it can also run iTunes, and has a lot of USB drives, so you can add another external hard drive if you need more storage.

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