How My iPhone XS Improved my Blog Photography

by - Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Since getting my iPhone XS, I've found that it improved my blog photography/regular iPhone photography a bit, mostly thanks to its dual cameras.

Because the iPhone XS has a dual camera mode, I'm able to take close ups of some things, which comes in handy when I take photos of jewelry.

Another reason how my iPhone XS has improved my blog photography is that I can download and use Focos. Focos is an app that basically transforms your phone into a DSLR/SLR, and I'm able to take some awesome focused photos like the one below.

Clearer photos
I also find that the iPhone XS takes much more clearer photos than my old iPhone 6s. Not that there's anything against an older phone, but I buy my phones primarily for the camera quality because that's how I take all my photos, and the iPhone XS takes the cake.

Performs better on cloudy days
The iPhone XS's cameras function better on cloudy days, like the one I'm currently writing this post on. My iPhone 6s would make the photos way too grainy, which I hated, so it's a nice change.

Do you have the iPhone XS?

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