New Additions to my Bath & Body Works Collection!

by - Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Every six or so months, Bath & Body Works holds their Semi-Annual Sale in which certain items go to 50-75% off, and every time without fail, I always get a few (aka a lot) of things, and here's what I got this time around. Some of this I got in store, while others I had to order because the store didn't have them or I didn't feel like going.

I picked up a Pretty as a Peach Hand Cream because unfortunately I tend to suffer from extremely dry hands in the winter (helpful hint: put it on after washing the dishes or your hands after using the toilet), and I wanted something to take to school and to use at home. I also picked up four fine fragrances:

  • Wild Honeysuckle-key notes of watery honeydew, wild honeysuckle, rain-kissed jasmine, orange flower, and white woods
  • Cashmere Glow-I already have the body wash, so decided to pick up the fine fragrance. This has key notes of vanilla, golden peach, and cashmere musk. 
  • Coconut Lime Breeze-key notes of sheer coconut water, white orange blossom, zesty lime, jasmine petals, and white musk 
  • Mad About You-I've been searching for this fragrance for a while and am glad I finally found it. This has key notes of blackcurrant, bright peony, pink jasmine, white patchouli, and vanilla musk. 
From their website, I made two orders. The first order contained 8 items and I got three shower gels, a lotion, two body creams, and two fine fragrances. The three shower gels I got in this order were: 
  • Hot Cocoa & Cream-key notes of creamy cocoa, mini marshmallows, and vanilla musk. Smells very chocolate-y. 
  • Winter Berry Wonder-Key notes of red winterberry, sparkling cranberry, camelia blossom, and crystal vanilla
  • Rainkissed Leaves-key notes of lush green leaves, crisp watercress, and delicate petals 
The one body lotion I got from this order was Merry Cherry Christmas, which has key notes of maraschino cherry, pomegranate cider, raspberry blossom, sugared musk, and amaretto. 

The two body creams I got in this order were: 
  • Champagne Apple & Honey-key notes of pink lady apple, sparkling champagne, jasmine honey, and autumn woods 
  • Sparkling Nights-key notes of iced pear, freesia, sugared coconut, sandalwood, and white musk 
The two fine fragrances I got were: 
  • Winter Berry Wonder-I love fine fragrances, and I had to get the fine fragrance as well as the shower gel 
  • Almond Blossom-This is a nice warm fragrance and consists of sweet almond oil, vanilla orchid, and cashmere musk. 

For the second order, it contained one body wash, one body lotion, three body creams, and four fine fragrances. 

The four fine fragrances I bought were: 
  • Pink Mango Spritzer-Key notes of iced pink mango, white cranberry, fresh pomegranate, and fir balsam 
  • Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea-Key notes of Georgia peach, sweet tea, and white nectarine. 
  • Winter White Jasmine-Key notes of jasmine, freesia, white amber, and vanilla musk 
  • Sweet Escape (Strawberry Picnic)-Key notes of fresh picked strawberries, juicy melon, pink wildflowers, sun kissed oak, and dewy musk 
The three body creams I bought were: 
  • Butterfly Flower-key notes of mouthwatering tangerine, white orchid, spring lilacs, mimosa petals, and creamy coconut milk 
  • Carried Away-key notes of lush raspberries, juicy pear nectar, white jasmine, soft violet petals, and whipped vanilla 
  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin-key notes of heirloom pumpkin, autumn cinnamon, ginger snap, and whipped vanilla 
The one shower gel I got was Winter Candy Apple, which has key notes of Red Apple, Winter Rose Petals, Candied Orange, Maple Leaf, and Fresh Cinnamon. The one body lotion I got from this order was Secret Wonderland which has key notes of luscious strawberry, frosted jasmine petals, and white amber. 

Did you get anything from the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale? 

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