Valentine's Week: 10 Great Things About Being Single

by - Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I know some people think that being single during this time of year (aka Valentine's Day) is a bad thing, but there are many benefits of being single.

1. You can do whatever you want without having to ask your significant other
Want that iPad Pro? Go for it! Want that Xbox One X? Sure. You don't have to ask your significant other what they think of your purchases.

2. You have more freedom 
Not being tied down means that you have a bit more freedom because sometimes your significant other might not want to travel when you've been dreaming of a Nordic vacation for years.

3. You define your own worth
This is a personal one, but you don't need another person to determine your worth. Your worth comes from what you think of yourself.

4. You can decorate however you see fit
When most couples move in together, they have to compromise one way or another, but when it's you by yourself, you can decorate your whole dang apartment or house however you like. You can have an all pink house with marble countertops and nobody can tell you otherwise.

5. You can focus on other things
Being single means you can focus on other things, like starting that side business you wanted or starting that blog. For me, it's been all about the academics and I've made the dean's list twice now.

6. One less person to argue with
Arguments are inevitable in life, and the worst type of argument to have is with your significant other.

7. More alone time
We all need alone time, whether we like to admit it or not, and being single means you get to have a lot of alone time.

8. No judgmental stares for watching your favorite Netflix show for the 100th time
Enough said

9. No fighting for attention over the Xbox/PS4
Also enough said.

10. You get to accomplish more when you're single
I've already accomplished more than I would have if I was still in a relationship admittedly. I've made the dean's list twice and succeeded academically, which I never would have done if I was still in my long distance relationship.

Are you a single pringle this Valentine's day?

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