What I Bought Last Month (non-Amazon Purchases)

by - Friday, February 22, 2019

In addition to buying things from Amazon, there are some things I didn't buy from Amazon that comes to personal care, and here's what I bought from other places.

Target is the place where I like to buy personal care because it's a bit cheaper than in the drugstore, and here's what I bought:

I unfortunately was running out of setting spray, so I decided to buy two backups. It's been approximately a year since I bought any. 
This will probably be the one of the last fun things I will get myself in a while, but I decided to finally get some game merch from one of my favorite games, Left 4 Dead 2. My favorite character from Left 4 Dead 2 is Ellis, so I decided to buy two merch items related to him: 
This is also one of the last fun things I'll get myself in a while, but I've been a fan of Wow Such Gaming for a few months (since October of last year), so I decided to show him some support and buy one of his shirts.

Victoria's Secret
I am a fan of the Victoria's Secret Pink range, as much as I hate to admit it, so I bought one more pair of yoga pants from them. 

Did you buy anything outside of Amazon last month? 

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